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by martin pichlmair, michael pinter, winfried ritsch und renate oblak 2002

representation is an interpretation of information
information is a state of data and its interpretation
data is a state of connections
connections are based on streams
streams are floating

1 Input from Internet/Ethernet: /dev/eth0 pd-library /Martin pi[chlmaier]
2 process into composition with Automata /Michael Pinter - reMI
3 Impulsantwort of the acustical room, standing waves /Winfried Ritsch
4 visualising from Data above: Inak /Renate Oblak - reMI
1.1_eth0_by Martin Pichlmair
_prolog The data arbitrary taken from the internet as "raw" IP-pakets will be processed in our system. The underlying technology are security- and hackertools. The established data will be transformed into video- and audiomaterial, processed by means of the installation. The anonymous webuser makes the databases available. The application of data is a result of the collective.
_software By means of shell-scripts and/or gcc Sniffit will be changed, so that it gathers as much as possible amounts of data. Further on the captured data will be transformed into reasonable formats for video and audioediting. Sniffit is a standard sniffingsoftware. In ideal case the result will be a constant datastream of different density resp. consistency. Humble arising of pakages is an inherent part of the underlying networktechnology and the user related reality and should be visible as such in the result.
1.2_ AUTOMATA_by Michael Pinter
The database Automata will be composed by means of impulses from eth0 Input.
Creating a database of audiofiles with PureData. Automatic scanners reading and processing different files and providing Impulsantwort with signals.
1.3_IMPULSANTWORT_by Winfried Ritsch
The computersystem is measuring rooms, cuts, isolates and transforms tone, sound and creates a determinate composition in realtime. The music preoccupies the room and the room the music. Automata_Komposition is the input. This animates the system. The mikrofones and the responding-system is processing the sound in a way that it creates standing-waves. New inputs are irritating the standing-waves and cracks them. The sound of the space correlates the folded Impulsantwort of the room. (Impulsantwort http://iem.kug.ac.at/ritsch/art)
requirements of the room
The room should be as irregular as possible and not to small (> 100m2)
The artwork will be presented as an installation, that means it will run continuously and can also be controled by temporale volumes. After activating the system it will take about 30 minutes to aquire a constant evolution. Spoken words and noise of the audience will be included in the composition.
1.4_INAK_by Renate Oblak
The INAK_ System comprises the visualising of sniffed internetdata. The inputs are eth0_Data, the processed Data of IMPULSANTWORT_KOMPOSITION and Data of the AUTOMATA_SYSTEM. So all Data will be exploited and visualised in the INAK_COMPUTER and transmitted by beamers.
Firstly INAK_Data will be collected in a database. The underlying software is PD/GEM. A patch wich generates INAK_Data out of IMPULS and AUTOMATA Data will be developed. eth0_Impulses are the trigger of the video-samples.

This concept was realised at Pekarna/Maribor in Juni 2003.