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"Belchic QE"

Jaap Vinken and Martine van Kampen

-[...] they were lying on the flat ground, gazing delightedly at the oval monitor screens of somewhat strange-looking machines [...]abstract geometric patterns were forming in an endless diversity [...] accompanied by a penetrating sound of buzzing and crackling [...]-

The makers of Belchic QE use these words as image material. Flickering barely intelligibly over the screen and intermixed with other images, it seems as if the artists want them to penetrate our subconscious. These lines describe what is happening in the video, and also shed light on the spectators' experience.
Renate Oblak and Michael Pinter, working together as reMI, consistently make use of the tools that are typical of the digital media: hard disk, software and monitor screen. They feed the computer with an abundance of sometimes conflicting data and programmes, and allow these to generate images and sounds, in a manner of speaking at their own discretion. In their turn, the artists respond to this, sometimes anticipating the visitors' reaction during live performances.
Apart from the texts that are moving across the screen, nothing in Belchic QE refers to a recognizable reality. No stories are being told, no sentiments appealed to, or illusions sold. reMI makes pure image and sound that enters your mind directly via your eyes and ears. As part of a vicious circle, the texts refer to what is happening. In this way, meaning and experience are held brotherly together in the embrace of form.